Which entry level job titles might I be qualified for?

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So I've never been in the IT field, but I'm job hunting right now, after freshly getting my A+ and Net+. But I have a little dilemma knowing what sort of job titles are even realistically within my grasp, just getting my foot in the door. Also, having never really been in the field, its very hard to say which direction I want to go in.

Can anyone recommend some options on specific titles I should be searching for?

Heres what I've heard of so far, and some questions or input about them....
-Helpdesk (which I hope not to do unless I'm desperate or it pays well, I have a mortgage to supprot)
-PC Repair (Really don't want to only fix broken PC's all day every day)
-Desktop support (think this might be a little better. Anything with a broad scope of duties can interest me)
-Networking (I think I very likely may be interested in this. I've heard of the position NOC as a possiblity, are there other specific network titles I may be qualified for?)
-Server administration (This could interest me, though I doubt I'm qualified for anything, right)
-Cloud computing/virtualization (Again, could interest me, but can I even get in this field with only an A+ and N+?)
-Developer (This is something I'm really wondering about. I really like to make things in general, and I've built personal websites, and worked on lots of personal tech projects, but I've always been scared of ending up glued to the screen all day doing nonstop computer code. I've done basic coding for small personal projects, and like it in small batches, but I think I'd go insane doing it all day every day. Can anyone shed some light if there are any positions in a development field I may be qualified to get my foot in the door with, and ones that do not involve nonstop coding?)

I'm guessing there are a lot of fields I'm missing here, anyone have recommendations to consider, and what those positions are like? Again, specific job titles will be very helpful so I can more accurately seek them.



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    TomkoTechTomkoTech Member Posts: 438
    Your resume would be a great start to this question. Is your A+ and Network+ the scope of your experience? Or do you have years of tooling around at home or former jobs working on networks/servers?

    Your education and certifications are not the end all be all to getting a job. If you have experience with technology and talk in an interview intelligently about a subject such as Active Directory, or VPNs then you can look for other than an entry level job.

    If you have zero experience and just have the A+ and Network+ you are fairly limited in your options. Unless you intend on a career in hardware repair then entry level Helpdesk/Desktop support are the sort of jobs you are going to want to look for. You COULD get lucky if you interview well in a NOC/Networking job, but most of the ads I see want a CCENT minimum, but more often than not a CCNA as well as previous experience.

    You won't be walking into a Server Admin, Cloud/Virtualization/ or Developer role with an A+ and Network+ any time soon.
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    Well, for entry level, you may be fairly limited as far as the path you will be able to jump right into. Helpdesk will likely be the easiest and most likely place you will land in. Personally, like you, I hate call centers and am not a fan of working in one. Desktop Support is definitely a step up, but there will be alot of competition from those who are currently or have worked in a helpdesk environment and looking to move forward, but there are definitely chances and possibilities that you could land that as an entry level.

    PC repair, while it gives you a good foundation, generally will be a dead end job and you'll be looking to move on from that, but it is better than a helpdesk since you won't be on the phone all day. In my past positions, the one with the least ability to move up was a pc repair job I had. It does get boring and monotonous and you will strive for something more.

    Networking, you could easily find a NOC position as an entry level job. Generally you may end up starting working a 2nd or 3rd overnight shift for the firth 6 months/year or longer depending on when day shifts open up. If you are looking to break into the networking side, it's a great place to start and will usually give you good opportunities to move forward in your career.

    Server/Cloud. This is generally something that would be extremely difficult to land as an entry level point.. many who are desktop admins/support will go for a jr sys admin position, even if it means a paycut, just to get that experience and move forward quickly in their careers. While not impossible, it won't be easy. Cloud, well, that would be even harder as it's a very in demand position with alot of competition from those who are experienced and employers generally want experience in that position.

    Developer. Well. It's possible to get a entry level role. It can be boring, tedious, and demanding. The pay to start out with little to no experience isn't all that great (just like a helpdesk) but if you embrace it, learn, and grow it can pay off high rewards after a few years. It's not the type of work that everyone can do or wants to do. Attention to detail is key and it can/will get boring depending on what you support and develop. But, that experience can definitely be very helpful if you decide its not for you and you move into a sys admin position as scripting is fairly common (even in many desktop roles).

    Now, the other part that may point you in a direction will come from what type of education you have.. AS? BS? are they in the computer field? Most places won't consider you for those positions without a higher level education (Such as the developer, sys admin, etc) and would have to start out in the helpdesk/NOC/Desktop type roles.

    What exactly is your goal as far as where you want to be in your career? If networking is interesting, it's a great one to break into with a NOC position. and without a degree, you'll have a big uphill battle to fight as you will be up against those with a degree.
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    HeeroHeero Member Posts: 486
    Assuming you just have the A+ and Net+ and no experience or other IT education, the only entry level jobs from your list that you would qualify for would be PC repair, Helpdesk, and Desktop support.

    NOC is a long shot for the networking side, though I guess it really depends on the NOC and what they expect from their tier 1 support staff.

    Server admin is very unlikely unless it is just a small business with one or two servers and a really shitty budget.

    Virtualization probably won't happen...you just don't have the training. Same deal as server admin basically.

    Developer....you don't have any programming experience or training.

    You need to try to find a job in IT that you are qualified for now and start working. Then additionally you should be studying for whichever direction you eventually want to go, such as networking or server administration.
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