Curse You Cisco!

The Silent AssassinThe Silent Assassin Member Posts: 39 ■■□□□□□□□□
So I just got done with the 640-554 and I failed. First certification I failed so I am feeling various emotions. I scored 837/1000 with no time inside of CCP and going against the grain of not going the traditional route of R/S then CCNA Sec. After seeing the test first hand, alot of what is taught in the security track is concepts that are introduced in Comptia's Security+ with a few minor changes.

No, I am not saying the CCNA Sec is the same as the Sec+ at all but they cover the same theories such as threat mitigation, protocol attributes, countermeasures, etc. Imo, the only difference between the two is Cisco introduces more applications like CCP, that are used to meet security goals and a focus on access control lists/OSI layer security theories.

This exam was free, employer paid for it, so when I take it again and pay out of pocket I will be sure to dominate that exam.


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    BowlJarBowlJar Member Posts: 24 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I agree completely about the similarities between the Security+ and CCNA Security. I was in school for my AAS this spring and I plowed through the Security+ then the CCENT. (because I had already taken classes for them) I started my CCNA: Security Class and realized the overlap. So I pushed my instructor to get me my voucher early and I aced the class by getting my CCNA: Security before it was over.

    On the flip side, I had a friend in the ccna security class who breezed through Security+ and I think the Cisco Security Class helped.
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