CCIE labs using GNS3 and usb to nic AND issues with No ROS vlans ??HELP

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Hey guys. I am having issues with my breakout switch and vlan being stripped from my I have decided to go with the usb to nic but I see unless I get Ubuntu system my vlan dot1q wont work with windows 8 box and GNS3 so I am forced to try the usb to nic but do you guys see any issues with me studying CCIE r/s v5 without having the router on the stick functionality and any other issues you see ? thanks any ideas how to get this fixed ? I GuessI can load Ubuntu on my Toshiba and image my windows and put back when I need it just sucks t hat I hav to go to unbuntu to make it work (well I do need to keep and increase my Linux skills ahhaahaah )icon_cheers.gif


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    Alot of people tried similar things for V4, most people spent half their life troubleshooting these kind of problems. Do your self a favour and have a switched base lap to practice the switching stuff, other wise either rack rentals, CSR or IOS with some GNS3. Save yourself hours of effort that can be spent actually revising :)

    (i had all the trouble too!!!!)
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    i used to run usb nics in my setup and it was solid my OS was server 2003 enterprise.
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    thanks silver yeah you know how I feel grrrrr getting pssed of since it is having all these issues. Hey KEENON with the 12 nic to usbs did you get it do ROS router on stick or do you even need ROS for the CCIE r/s lab. I have 5 switches 3 x 3560 and 1 3550 and 1 x 3750 for my switch lab. but wanted to merge the two in a seemless environement but I don't have anything . and yeah I could change my laptop to Ubuntu but I don't want to. I just don't know how effected I will be with out the vlan dot1q and no router on a stick capability for study of CCIE v5 lab? will it hurt my studies ya think guys?
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    I used to have GNS3 running on a ubuntu machine, 2 quad port nics that supported dot1q and 4 usb/ethernet adapters and 4 x 3550s. These 12 ethernet ports were enough to emulate INE's lab. I had issues with the usb hub as it couldn't get enough power to run 4 adapters so i ended up using 3 on the 6 port hub and one off the motherboard.
    The only reason i used ubuntu was due to it being more efficient, i could have the same setup now with windows if i chose to. Before building this setup i spent a lot of time researching which quad port nic to buy i.e did it support dot1q. My lab is overseas so i cant tell you which nic's they are but they were cheap, if i were you i'd find new nics. ROS? you sound like a ccna icon_smile.gif , you just need a nic that supports dot1q trunking.
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    EdTheLand so you do need the dot1q no matter what in the CCIE lab you think? I know I just ROS since it is a buzz word and I am a CCNA hahaahha LOL! thanks bro
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    If you want to copy a vendor setup you will need dot1q enabled nic's. If you are just playing around with your own setup you don't need(but woud be nice) to trunk between the switches and routers. I would suggest playing around with your setup using access switchports connected to your virtual routers while you sort out some dot1q nics.
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    Web-IOU is a much better option in my opinion rather than trying to muck around with getting GNS working with external switches. At the IE level you want your focus to be on routing protocols, MPLS, spanning tree, etc, rather than trying to spend half your time diagnosing these kinds of issues. Just my thoughts anyway!
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    I agree, as i said "i used to have" , but for some reason, some people feel they need equipment, even though the equipment they work on is end of life.
    Networking, sometimes i love it, mostly i hate it.Its all about the $$$$
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    where do you get WEB-IOU I am not familiar too much with that? Does it cost anything and where can I get some training on it? is it hard to use? thanks guys I hate mucking around when I need to focus on IE.
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    From what I understand, WEB-IOU is more or less just a frontend to IOU (like GNS3 is to dynamips). I've never been able to get it working right (not that I tried too hard), and just stick with normal IOU.

    You can check it out here.
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