How to go about learning CCNA material

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I posted a thread earlier about struggling with keeping up in my computer networking class. Since then I have come to the conclusion that my instructor does not care about "teaching" the class. I want to learn this material but I don't think I can do it on my own.

Are there any online classes or online tutors that could help?


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    You might have to take a step back and learn some of the basics. Or you could get the CBT nuggets as Jeremy C. makes it real easy to understand and breaks it down. I don't what your earlier post stated but that has worked from me so far. Also ****.com is good for another understanding of the material. Just take repetitions to get a handle on the material. Hope that works
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    well nevermind forgot they block websites
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    I'm currently studying for CCENT/CCNA. Just like to share with you my study strategy:

    Study Material/Resource

    1. CBT Nuggets
    2. CCENT/CCNA by Wendell Odom
    3. CCNA by Todd Lammle
    4. CCNA portable command guide by Scott Empson

    Study strategy

    1. Get an overall view of a topic using CBT Nuggets
    2. Get familiar with the same topic using Todd Lammle Study Guide
    3. Drill deeper of the same topic with Wendell Odom Study Guide
    4. Practice with the required commands, and memorize the sequence of commands using Scott Empson Portable Command Guide

    Hope this helps.
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    For video training I recommend either CBT Nuggets or Chris Bryant's CCNA Video Bootcamp series. When it comes to books, I always recommend the one by Todd Lammle. I found the Odom book to be very dry but it's loaded with tons of content which can be quite overwhelming to some folks. Another good book is the "CCNA in 60 days" which goes for $10 (kindle version).
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    It is unfortunate but many instructors to not concern themselves with teaching a class.
    What I can say pretty confidently is that you will need to be able to learn it on your own. This has nothing to do with your class. Once you start doing this type of work full time you are going to be expected to pick up things on your own pretty quickly.

    Stick with the class and make sure you get good grades. For the real learning lab as much as you can. Repetition is going to be key.

    Good Luck!
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