can somebody tell me a few things about the ccna?

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i have no degree or experience, and I want to get ccna since i figured out its my interest. i had a few questions for you all;

1. what are all the study materials necessary for ccna?
2. what salary can i expect after 5 years in the it industry, obviously assuming i start with a job barely getting my foot in the door, and assuming i started with ccna voice
3. how hard is it to get your foot in the door after having net +, a +, and ccna voice starting at a low end job
4. how long should getting the ccna need, assuming i have 3 hours a day to study, and of course hopefully this forum to help me icon_cheers.gif


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    1. Recommended study materials: CCNA books by Wendell Odom, CBT Nuggets or Chris Bryant videos, and a copy of packet tracer or physical equipment (2-3 switches and a couple of routers).
    2. It depends on how much you know in five years, and what equipment you've obtained hands-on experience with (And your people skills can also be a factor). Analyst, administrator and engineer generally pay differently depending on the skillset required.
    3. It depends on where you are and what kind of position you apply for. Help desk would be easier than trying to get a VoIP admin position unless you know a few people.
    4. 3 hours a day everyday? Including on the weekends? Just starting out, you could finish it up in 3-4 months if you really stick to it and if the material sticks. Just an estimation.
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    I have seen entry level anywhere from $10hr to 70k a year.

    Your questions are important but there is so much more to it then a few certifications. I would definitely suggest you get started now. For most things in life the two hardest things are getting started and staying committed. You have no idea where you will be in five but you can get started today.

    My recommendation is to try and get a copy of packet tracer. It's easy to work with and will get you started.

    The one piece of advice I give everyone is that there is almost to much information available for CCNA studies. Don't get caught up with finding the best resources.
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