Does ccnp voice really hold that much weight?

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I went on a interview a few weeks back for an ip telephony admin position. A recruiter from the actual company found me on dice and kept calling for an ip telephony engineer position which was the entire cucm product line. I gracefully declined since when it comes to voice I only have experience with sip trunks, cme and cue and made that perfectly clear. Also my ccna voice was for the 640-460 which was solely based on cme not cucm like the newer ccna voice exam. He insisted I go to talk to them since the engineers really liked my resume, yada, yada and said theres a IP Telephony Admin position which is more of a jr voice role user, add, changes, etc in cucm, unity connection, cups.

I said screw it gave it a shot and apparently the interview was for something completely different a Engineer role which was an exclusive contract supporting a nationwide retail store which dealt strictly with CME and diagnosing analog lines. The main issue is once you are on that team you are in there for the long haul so no opportunity to work on cucm product line. I wasn't too sold on the position since it seemed very limiting and I didn’t know the first thing about diagnosing analog lines.

But long story short when we were talking about certification reimbursement I asked if I am brought in as the voice Admin what would I need to do to get to engineer status. For example if I come in with a ccna voice and get my ccnp voice do I get engineer level tickets thrown at me to try out. *Now that I’m thinking he didn’t really answer that question but said well if you would have had your ccnp voice already and with your current experience we would give you your own contracts and you will be technical lead for those contracts.

Sounded great but I wondered is that all I really need to be a voice engineer, a piece of paper and passing the technical interview without the real world experience using the product line. Is that common?

If anyone made it to the end I want to thank you for reading ;)


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    Assume that what he really meant was that if you had a CCNP Voice level knowledge of IP telephony along with your experience, they would give you your own contracts as a technical lead. The cert is just an indicator that you should have a certain level of knowledge. You need to actually have that knowledge.

    So yeah, if your knowledge was CCNP voice level, you would be qualified for better jobs than you currently are.
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    I take it he meant just the knowledge and my current experience. Thats why I was surprised when he said it. I know for CCNP RS roles they expect you to have x amount of years working with the protocols but it seems CCNP Voice knowledge is good enough to get the job done. Thats why I'm asking is this common?
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