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So, I have been working almost exclusively with Netapp for five years and am taking a job where I will work with Hitachi VSP, can anyone shed some light on the best way to start learning Hitachi storage? Preferably for free. Netapp offers some free online web based stuff, but I don't have a Hitachi portal account yet. Please any info will be helpful.

Thanks in advance.


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    Unfortunately there is almost nothing publicly available on the Hitachi storage products other than marketing docs. I think you will have to wait till you have your account with Hitachi. Solid products and great support though. Welcome to the Hitachi world.
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    Having previously worked for another Hitachi company that used HDS products extensively, I can only agree with evanderburg in that public (technical) documentation is non-existent. Only when you purchase a product/support contract or gain partner status do you get access to their online portal containing the useful docs.

    Also, if its the VSP's you'll be touching, I think you really do want to go on the training courses first :)
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    when you say training courses, are any freely available through the Hitachi portal?
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    Unfortunately, I found nothing(
    also need the same
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