How realistic/accurate are the CCENT Exam Cram practice exams?

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I know there are sims and whatnot on the real exam, but as far as the material covered and how challenging the questions may be, have you guys found the practice exams included with the CCENT Exam Cram to be an acceptable representation of the real thing?

I've done fairly well on them, studied the items I've missed, have almost 2 semester of hand-on labs at my local community college, and completed 3 of the 4 Netacad courses, so I'm thinking I'm ready to do this thing, but I want to make sure I don't have a false sense of security going into the exam due these practice ones being to easy.

Any input is appreciated.


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    I also have exam cram. As you have noticed, there is no SIMs in exam cram. I use three different practice exams: Boson, cram, and Cisco Press. they all have their strengths, and reinforce material that you need to know.

    I'm on the verge of taking the ICND2 exam, but am getting some doubts because Cisco Press or Boson is throwing some garbage in that i believe is not relevant to CCNA (i.e. Using the delay sub command in EIGRP)

    Good Luck
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    If you have been keeping up with the courses you should be able to take CCENT after the 3rd course. I have not used the exam cram but what I would say is when you get answers wrong in practice. Make sure you go back and look up the answers. Don't just read them do a google search quickly. It reinforces your weak points. As long as you understand what the questions are asking and why the answer was the correct one then you should do fine on the CCENT. Also nobody wants to fail a test but the quicker you take it the sooner you will know how cisco exams feel. Until then you will always be a little concerned. Good Luck!
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    You could always use Packet Tracer. The hands-on experience is good, just make sure you have something to actually configure using the CLI.
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