OSCP Exploit development

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Exploit development is something I had zero experience with before this course. Unfortunately when I purchased the course I found myself unable to spend any time on it and I lost my lab time. How much of the exploit development is needed in the lab (other than the walk through exercise), and the final test. I can follow the lab exercises without a problem, but working on the exploits for outside of the lab is a lot trickier. If I take the basics of development and can work on modifying existing exploits to other networks, will that be enough to handle the labs and test?

Basically I want to make sure that I have everything covered from the course material before I re-pay for the lab and test. I'm going to try and use as little time as possible.


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    If you fully understand, can follow and duplicate the guided labs for exploit development...then you'll be good icon_thumright.gif

    OSCP is not intended to be an exploit development course. It only covers the basics. If you can get those down...your good. Spend most of your time on learning to pop boxes with existing exploits
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    Thanks, when I hit that part of the course I went off working on it from other sources, and realized how far off topic I got. Learning assembly wasn't on my to do list.
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