exam in 7 days - your input is appreciated

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(bear in mind I am new to forums and not wanting to break any rules or repeat other posts)

I'm thinking of sitting the CEH on Monday 27th.

I've read the Matt Walker once, scored well in the end of chapter exams.
I'm now reading it for the 2nd time whilst creating my own memory sheet, tools, switches, directory structure etc
At the end of each chapter re-read, I'm doing the Matt Walker practice exams (book version) and scoring well.

I plan to finish by re-reading the chapter reviews and memorizing (as best I can) the Appendix A (all the tools for various stages of hacking) however I'm concerned about this portion. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to memorize the tools and which one is best given a situation. Unless I push the exam and spend another week on this.

My question is, am I setting myself up for failure if I don't know when to choose SQLNinja over Marathon (for example)?

Any advice is appreciated. (Apologies if it's a silly question)


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    From what I've read in many posts here and my own experience attempting the exam previously, those tools you don't need to worry about. Concentrate on Nmap, Tcpdump, Hping, Netcat, Snort, and Wireshark.
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    Thanks JoJoCal19,
    I've seen that also on some posts where people passed and were sharing the experience. I just wondered if that was an example only, 'know your tools' without listing out every single tool.

    How someone is supposed to know all the variants of the tools and when to use them is a but nuts to me. I'm hoping the shorter list is indeed all that's required!
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    JoJoCal19 provided good advice on knowing those tools well. I don't recall seeing many questions based on all the tools listed in Appendix A besides the one that JoJoCal19 mentioned. Also, unless you have working experience in the infosec field, I'm not sure if Matt Walker's book is thorough enough. I experienced a lot of questions (well, maybe not a lot ,but about 15% of the questions) that was not even touched upon in Matt Walker's book. I also used the Boson practice exams to prepare for this as well, which I found to be pretty helpful as it caused me to do research to figure out why I missed the questions I missed. I'm not sure if I would have passed relying on the book only.

    One more thing, when you said you're doing the practice exams at the end of the chapters, are you using the practice exam that's on the CD? When I installed that and updated it, it included some stuff that the book didn't cover. Some of it was useful on the real exam.

    Good luck on the exam.
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    Thanks Nathandrake. I have plenty experience in infosec however some of this stuff is throwing me. His practice questions include tools and apps he doesn't reference in the Glossary/Appendix A or the chapter itself!

    I'm not using the CDs as they don't appear to have study mode, I've tried to edit the options but I still can't drill down into Domain, so I'm using the books for now and saving the CDs until I've completed the second-read.

    I shall consider Boson also if my confidence level doesn't pickup. I have to say, part of this is not having the opportunity to study. Even now, my wife wants me to cook dinner.. lol. Joking aside, really appreciate the input.
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    Given the certs you have you will most likely laugh at this exam when you take it.
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    Concentrate on Nmap, Tcpdump, Hping, Netcat, Snort, Nessus and Wireshark as well as Cain & Abel and John the Ripper.

    EC-Council do mention in the official courseware that the right tool to use is the one that is right for you, and they do not expect you to know every tool out there.

    Since a lot of the tools out there is based on Nmap it is wise to be comfortable with the switches and which respond they will return.

    Guía de referencia de Nmap (Página de manual)

    Good luck mate
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    Thanks Trashman and cyberguypr.

    Appreciate the link also!
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