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If anyone has these two certs which one do you suggest I go for first? My work is letting me go to a Sans course in March and I need to decide if I should go for SEC 505 Securing Windows or the SEC 560 Penetration testing class. I'm tempted to do the 560 class, but if the online Pentesting With Kali covers the same things I wonder if I should move 560 to the back of my class que.

I always have the options of taking any online classes throughout the year.


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    My two cents: I wouldn't say versus. They work well together with each explaining a lot of pen-testing experience (GPEN, OSCP). GPEN has information that deals with the non-technical side such as interaction with the customer, setting the scope, determining what the customer actually wants (vulnerability assessment or actual penetration test), getting written approval, etc. OSCP gets very technical and teaches you to "think outside the box". It more importantly teaches you to search for more information when you hit a wall. If your focus is in penetration testing (red team), I would do both courses if you can. If you are in the blue team ream, I would look at other courses in SANS like SANS 505 or forensics or incident handling I guess. As far as order, I did the OSCP first. I do not think it made a difference really. It may be easier if you do GPEN first only because you can ask more questions. Usually with the Offsec crew, you will get a response of "Try Harder!".
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