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Hi I have my second A+ Corse Hardware Exam next Wednesday. I failed the first one with a sore 0f 588. I used the Mike Myers All in One Booke (Ver4) to revise but to be totally honest I only skimmed it as I thought I was good enough to pass. (I am currently a Techy and have been for 4 Years). I passed the OS side with a score of over 800 and found this Easy but the Hardware one Had a lot of Dos questions is that right?? Do you have any Helpful tips for my Exam coming up. I am studying for A MCSE at the same time so pressure is on !!!


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    Hey there

    I am not sure that it has that much DOS in Core - there was a bit in OS, but Core was more aligned with installation, drivers, memory, drives, printers troubleshooting & stuff like that.
    However, the first few questions on the adaptive exam are critical as that sets the tone for the exam.
    Re-read Mikes book and you should do fine.
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    download the exam objectives from comptia website and mark the topics that you think you are weaker in. read those topics in greater depth than the ones you think you know better.

    try some online tests. the questions on this site are excellent.

    good luck with your exam.
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