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I have a question about the CISSP concentrations - is there an "Associate of ISC2" the same way there is with the SSCP, CAP, and CISSP, or do you need the full certification? I ask because I am planning on getting pretty much every top-level cert within the next six years. I have my Security+, about to take the SSCP, and I have a host of other certifications to snag before May of next year, mainly the CAP and CISSP (all associate level), and if I can get the ISSAP or ISSEP without having 7 years of experience, that would be grand.


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    An Associate of ISC2 does exist for the CISSP. What is your goal after you've obtained all of these certs? What is your goal involved in getting the certs?

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    Thanks! Do the concentrations also have Associate of ISC2? My goal is to be as knowledgeable as possible. I cannot get my bachelor's degree for the next few years, so in the mean time I am trying to become as certified as humanly possible. I love the field of IT Security (that and this whole "Cloud" thing), but I need to validate my knowledge and skills as fast as humanly possible.

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    As far as I can tell, you cannot be certified in the concentrations as an Associate of ISC2. I'm sure a more knowledgeable individual on the subject will chime in though and provide the 100% correct answer. While I understand the desire to become the best you that you can be, certifications don't always provide that. Certifications are a great foundation for knowledge and the validation of experience. I strongly believe that experience in the field is going to provide you with the best possible outcome. I'm not saying that it isn't a good idea to pursue the certifications that you've listed. However, I think it is important to gain the necessary experience to compliment your shiny certifications. What kind of experience do you currently have? The CompTIA Security+ will waive one year of the experience requirement for you. Lastly, what aspect of IT security interests you the most? Maybe the CAP and CISSP concentrations aren't the best choice for you to go into the direction that you want to be moving. Please don't think I am being overly critical or trying to deter you from your pursuits, I just want to provide some additional information to think about.
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    You must be a fully certified CISSP, as opposed to an Associate of (ISC)2, in order to take the CISSP concentration exams.
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