Resume critique (Desktop Support, not getting hired)

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See attachment, I'm not sure why I'm not getting hired, I'm applying for desktop support roles in xxxx, and if I get the chance to apply for a similar position as my last one where I was doing desktop support and anything else that came my way such as implementing xxxx


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    I would remove the freelance and customer service jobs. I would shorten up the other two, I get lost in all the text, to be honest I didnt even read the whole thing because of this. I like to keep mine to atleast one page.. Hows the job market where you work? could be that too.
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    I would probably also drop the HS in your education as really only your highest level is relevant even with it just being general studies. Shorten up parts and get right to the point as concisely as you possibly can. Sometimes having long sentences under your experience can be a bad thing as it's alot of words for a HR person to read and they may become bored. Highlight big projects as well. ie "Performed desktop migration from XP to Windows 7" or whatever you may have.
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    Have you gotten any interviews?
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    For my current job, I structured my resume/cv differently.

    <job role>
    <date from/to>
    <technologies used - this is a keyword list of technologies you used, it can be as short or as long as required. It can be hardware (cisco, dell etc) or software (nagios, ticket systems>
    <List of major/minor projects (if any) you completed or participated in>
    <various other tasks like ticket/inventory management, project management, daily tasks>

    Recruiters and hiring managers will look to the keywords to see if you have what they got, if something catches their eye they will read on.

    Here's an example from mine without the company/dates:

    Office 365,Windows Server/SBS 2003/2008, Eset NOD32, StorageCraft ShadowProtect, Sonicwall, GFI Max, Windows Desktop OS, Laptop/Desktop hardware repairs, Vmware ESXi

    Provided pro-active or on-demand support to clients across a varierty of industries, ranging in size from 1-25 end users.
    Multiple email migrations to cloud based services (Office 365/Google Apps) performed out of normal business hours
    Implementation of help desk support ticket system via Freshdesk, management of tickets
    Planning, execution and monioring of local or off site backups
    Asssisted in roll out of e-book software to laptops in schools nationwide
    Desktop/Laptop/Server hardware reprairs/upgrades, liasing with HP/Dell for items covered under warranty
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    SocomSocom Member Posts: 48 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Kinet1c can you post your resume?

    I'm in the DC area, If I apply for 20 jobs I'll hear back from about 5 or 6, 2 or 3 will lead to interviews and then not get anywhere due to them finding a better candidate or me asking for $50k.

    I also feel like alot of these job postings are bs, because they either do not need a candidate or they are just testing the waters. A few of them will have me to questionnaires regarding math problems and just testing basic knowledge skills, but it's often the jobs that test my basic knowledge skills that don't go anywhere.
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    Kinet1cKinet1c Member Posts: 604 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I'm in work right now, if you PM your email I'll send you a link to it in dropbox till I finish my night shift in 7 hours!
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    pevangelpevangel Member Posts: 342
    Why are you looking to make a lateral move? $50K is a bit high for an entry level job. I'm sure there are $50K desktop support jobs out there, but you have so much competition specially in the DMV area that are willing to take much less. You should try to shoot for junior systems admin positions.
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    SocomSocom Member Posts: 48 ■■■□□□□□□□
    That is what I'm trying to go for, but those are hard to come by.
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    ElementaryOSElementaryOS Member Posts: 65 ■■□□□□□□□□
    There is no cover letter.

    I've had several potential employers compliment me in the past that they enjoyed reading my cover letter.

    Do you address your resume to the hiring manager? Like this:
    [FONT=Liberation Sans][SIZE=2][COLOR=#000000]Friday, Oct. 24th, 2014[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
    [FONT=Liberation Sans][SIZE=2]Hiring Manager Joe Blow[/SIZE][/FONT]
    [FONT=Liberation Sans][SIZE=2]Particular Business
    5555 Whatever Street
    Wherever, XY
    Phone: (555) 555-5555
    [FONT=Liberation Sans][SIZE=2]Dear Sir or Madam,

    You should be taking the time to try to figure out who the hiring manager is. If I can't find it via Google I just address the resume to the CEO, lol.

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