When to leave a helpdesk job?

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Hi, I recently got a job interview for a junior systems administrator position.

It's a part time job, I'm also currently working for D-Link part time as a helpdesk technician. I've been at D-Link for about six months now, do you think I should call it quits and go for the other job (if I get it.) Or should I keep both?

The systems administrator job is a contract job for six months. I was just wondering if an employer would look at it and think it's a bad thing that I was in a job for only six months.

I'm also currently in school, I think I can take the load of both part time jobs though.
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    If you have been with Dlink for six months sounds like a fairly stable job. But the oppertunity and experience of junior sys admin cannot be overlooked.

    Personally I would do both if you can handle it but if like here there are more HD jobs to fall back on maybe it wont hurt to give that up for a while??

    Really depends on your current circumstances and where you wish to go in the future.
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    Most employment recruiters want to see resumes that have work experience with a long duration at each job. Six months here and twelve months there makes it look like you can't stay anywhere for very long, regardless of your reasons for leaving. Tech companies now seem to be trending towards hiring permanent employees that have a better than average chance of sticking around. One way to demonstrate this is by have a stable work history with several long-duration positions on your resume.
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    Alright, I'll try keeping the job. I mean after I finish the systems administrator job, I have no where to go after that since it's only a January to July part time job. The only probably would be my schedules would conflict. Two part time schedules and a full time school schedule.

    One more question though,

    Since it's temporary work offered by the company, on my resume. Would I be able to call it "contract" work?

    I want to be a network administrator for my future career. Some bonus' of the system administrator job is I get to work with Linux which I don't have much knowledge in.
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    temporary work is considered contract work in "computer world" personally i would try to keep both if u don't have much responsiblity personally to deal with outside of work. i would let the part-time job know i got a full-time and would like to stay if they could keep me in a non-conflicting schedule. remember any and every job is a chance even contract will lead to another contract and so on, or a perm gig either way its like life and computers "change is the only constant" icon_wink.gif
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    As others have mentioned, it's important not to have too many short duration jobs. I prefer to keep mine above 1 year if possible.

    Another factor not to be overlooked, is the progression in the jobs listed on your resume. (help desk --> junior admin --> senior admin --> consultant). If you can show natural development in duties and responsibilities, a few 6-12 months jobs won't hurt IMO.
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