How do you stay motivated?

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I'm a huge sports fan and now that the hockey and football season is well underway I'm not motivated to study anymore. I'm watching NHL and NFL games instead of reading a book and the way I'm going I'm not even going to reach my goals for the year and I'm really not proud of it. I used to read a chapter per day but now it has gone to a chapter per week. How do you guys give yourself a kick in the butt to stay motivated?


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    Just a few of the things that keep me going: Drive to succeed, I want to be the best, I like to make lots of money, a genuine interest in the technology.

    Studying does have to take a hit during football season for me as well though so not too much help there from me! Just have to find that balance man.
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    It's okay to focus on your lifestyle, I wouldn't sweat it.
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    Make reading a per-requisite to allowing yourself watch a sports game. You will feel accomplished and you get to enjoy your favorite pass times.
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    Verities wrote: »
    Make reading a per-requisite to allowing yourself watch a sports game. You will feel accomplished and you get to enjoy your favorite pass times.

    Great idea, that's what I'll do from now one.

    Thanks for the tips guys.

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    I've mentioned this to a few IRL folks I know and received mixed responses, so take it for what its worth. I set my alarm on the weekend at roughly the same time I have to get up during the week. I get up, get ready like I always do and go into work sans suit and shave. I sit in the office for a few hours and study in a dedicated environment that my brain knows is for work. I've also had luck with studying in different locations like museums or galleries, but the availability my be better or worse for you.

    You're in Montreal, so you can get a get three or four hours in on Sunday before football.
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    I'll paraphrase this one quote I heard from a video (I think it was from RouterGods) that stuck with me:

    "For every day you skip studying, somewhere there is someone with equivalent knowledge that did not skip, and now they have more knowledge than you."

    Maybe it's not good to view it as a competition/race, but if you're looking for a job you have to consider other candidates.

    Also, I treat my studying as a full-time job so I make sure to get in 8 hours every day. A benefit of being unemployed right now is the free schedule so if I want to watch the World Series I can take a few hours off, then catch up later that night. Being naturally interested to this stuff helps too.
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    If I'm home I usually set aside 4 hours a night 3-4 nights a week to study while I casually watch the home teams nhl/nba focusing on power plays, instant replays, point streaks and tight games near the end. Sundays during nfl I don't study at all but maybe take a practice test at half time or in between games, being in fantasy sports with redzone makes it more difficult. MLB I can't sit and watch a full game without losing focus, and required to casually watch it. Is casually watching sports something you can do?
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