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I'm back after a long absence, I had a 6 month stint with ATOS fixing laptops and I was able to turn that into a contract position with Carousel for the past year. My responsibilities are as a on-site tech who places, programs and troubleshoots Cisco UCaaS phones through a web portal, placing Avaya O/V phones and recently learning Modular Messaging and ASA 6.0.

My issues come in that I have very limited access to main systems, I don't have access to CUCM or Avaya Call Manager so I can't learn the main systems. I also plug phones into Cisco routers but I don't have access to the the router config themselves so I am having a hard time training for even CCENT. I have 4 MTA (free), A+, SSCA, SSVVP and a associate's degree.

I basically have no idea where to go from here, I have a small budget for certifications so buying a full lab is out at the moment. I've exhausted what Carousel offers (SSCA, SSVVP) and they won't reimburse for Cisco because we're an Avaya shop (one-off customer who uses Cisco).


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    IIIMasterIIIMaster Member Posts: 238 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Study for Cisco Voice or CCDA. You can use packet tracer or gns3 to study for them...but I doubt you really need it for the ccent.
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    shodownshodown Member Posts: 2,271
    learn the Avaya stuff, it should give you the fundamentals of voip. No matter the platform they should be using SIP, H323, MGCP for signalling. QoS even has to follow some of the same rules for packet matching. Learn how those things work, then eventually you can pick up the specifics of a platform. I know its not the best since you want to do Cisco VoIP, but there is a market place for Avaya, its not as strong as it use to be but we still get beat out by Avaya quite a bit.
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    Russell77Russell77 Member Posts: 161
    If you are going to study for Cisco Voice you are going to have to start with the CCENT you don't need a lab for that just a simulator or packet tracer. You don't really need a lab for CCNA voice either but you will have to memorize a lot of stuff and a lab helps. I got by with Call manager express in a router, a switch and two phones with power bricks. I wish I could get my hands on the full blown Call manager but it is very difficult get a hold of.
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