v5 Diagnostic Section

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How are you preparing for the v5 diagnostic section? I wonder how many questions we will have in 30 mins?

Found this on google.

Global Knowledge Training Blog » What Is This DIAG Section in the CCIE R&S v5 Lab Exam?

"The format of the Diagnostic section is similar to the written test, with multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, or point-and-click scenario-driven questions."


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    I was thinking it would be more CCNP-Tshoot like.

    "what you give as your first answer spawns the next list of answers."

    E.G "what do you believe the cause is" leading to "how can we fix it" to "how do we know its fixed" kind of scenario.

    Obviously if you screw up the first part you have screwed up the other two just like on the tshoot exam also - But they may throw in images/drop and drags etc also as you have no hands on here so its all "theory based" or "what you believe is wrong" "how do you believe we can fix this situation" with the information you are provided.

    Anyone who has sat the V5 without breaking the confidentiality thing able to provide any information?
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    There are 3 questions in total. Some questions might be drag and drop, others may be multiple choice answers and "click-able" problem areas. Most information provided to you is in form of email / configuration and topology diagrams. I presume there is a pool of question which is randomly picked when user starts this section. Best way to practice is work experience, there's nothing that can get you ready for those unless you've worked in support environment where quick thinking is the key. Cisco Live v5 tutorial is your best introduction to DIAG section.

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    Suddenly 2 years of being a network engineer and 10 years of IT Support type roles will pay off :D
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    Going to be twice as bad mentally now if thats the problem you have most trouble on!!!!! :p
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    I heard of people getting 1/3 on Diag and passing, so not sure how this is scored.
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    Oo.... either the questions are oddly heavily weighted or we just dont know.

    i remember when the CCIE v5 documentation about the new version came out, and the vids all said "you need 80% in each section in order to pass"
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    Yeah there is a minimum cut score for each section I believe, but I think if you totally aced one of the other sections then that will help you too.

    Having seen the example questions in the session that Bruno did a while back, I don't think the diagnostic section will be too difficult tbh.
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    Hope not, the DIAG section is the "unknown" currently which is annoying!
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    Nah I reckon it'll be easy enough for anyone who does support and truly is worthy of expert level credentials
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    By that logic any one who passes the CCIE should find it easy fullstop then?
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    Hmm I didn't say that exactly - I meant that anyone who has done a fair amount of IT Support (With a significant slant towards networking of course) should be able to get through the Diag section, and remember this is kinda what the CCIE is aiming at...
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    Dieg0M wrote: »
    I heard of people getting 1/3 on Diag and passing, so not sure how this is scored.

    You need to reach a certain threshold on each section and then have a certain total score to pass. If the threshold for the diag section is low, it would mean that you could still pass if you gain those points back in the other sections.
  • deth1kdeth1k Member Posts: 312
    As per Bruno's presentation, you need to reach minimum pass score in each section. I have a feeling you can get through DIAG with 1/3. Don't underestimate the ease of questions, that's not what "kills" you, it's the time and wast amount of information.
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