Need Help Please.

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Hi all I am here for some help.
I have a background of Engineering and accounts. But I loved IT from very start I always loved IT. Being in Finance its not really appealing to me. I have decided to take IT as my career path as i Love IT. I have been searching where to start off with. I love Programming but i dont have a degree however someone suggested me to take MCSA Win7.I have learnt PHP,MySQL and web designing in my leisure time. In fact i will start from bottom in this field but i don`t mind as far I love what I do that what`s matters to me. Can anyone suggest me Please.

Many Thanks


  • cyberguyprcyberguypr Mod Posts: 6,927 Mod
    Welcome aboard. Hmm... 70-290 was retired last year. Check for current MCSA options.

    First question is what are your interests?
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    you will get the help desk jobs with microsoft certs. If you wanna go big, go with Cisco certs. Start with CCNA & then broaden the horizon with CCNP & then RedHat certs. If I was you, I wouldn't waste my time going for Windows 7 MCSA.
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    Thnx cyperguypr, As am quite new to IT in relation to choosing courses my interest are , troubleshooting but not at basic levels I want to go in advance networking but obviously gotta start from basic.
    Thnx omi for ur reply, in fact I want to big step by step so ditching mcsa and going for CCNA is good option u reckon. I asked these question in different forums but I got replies like I shall start off with A+ etc... Main idea behind choosing a course is that after completion of that course I can get intoa entry level job and then work my way up. Many thanks guys much appreciated.
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