Small Managed Router for Home Use - Need Something Small/Energy Efficient

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I just finished my CCNP work and would like to put in a managed Cisco router to replace my home wireless Netgear router. I'm getting a Meraki access point to provide wireless at the access layer, but am not sure what to use as my core router. I'd like it to be small/energy efficient and run IOS 12.4 at least (15+ would be nice).

I have some larger managed routers like 2811's or 2821's but don't want to run them because they're huge and draw so much power. I just found out about the older Cisco 871 wireless small business router which runs full IOS and love how small it is, but I don't need the wireless component. Are there any other Cisco routers like this that don't have wireless, are small/energy efficient, and can be found on eBay for under $100?



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    The 800 series has more then that one model to pick from.
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    the 871 does come in a wired (non-wireless) version. And, if you have at least 32mb of flash you can run ios 15 on it. something like this:
    Cisco 871 4 Port 10 100 Wired Router CISCO871 Sec K9 256MB Dram 52 MB Flash 0882658033025 | eBay
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    Great, thanks!
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    I bought an 881W, which I'm planning on using to replace my D-Link home router. In my case, I wanted the AP built-in, but if you have an AP already, the 881 or 891 would be fine. The 881 has 4 Switchports and a 10/100 WAN Port, while the 891 has 8 Switchports and a Gigabit WAN Port. Obviously, the 891 is more expensive than the 881.
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    be carefull with some of the models. For example a 2801 only has 46megs max throughput which means you will be lucky to get 20 megs. Most home internet connects are faster than that these days so that router will bottleneck your system. A UC500 system works nice as they can be had pretty cheap. They have high throughput, and have a POE switch on them and don not make too much noise. The other option is a ASA 5505 and a 8 port 3560 which make almost no noise, but you have 2 devices. You will need to run IOS firewall on your edge device as well keep that in mind.
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