ICND2 Passed!

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Passed ICND2 last night. So exicted, it really feels like I actually accomplished. Compared to the CompTIA exams, I feel Cisco really focused on knowledge and understanding where as compTIA was more memorization of theory.

I'm gonna take a break from Cisco and go for my Linux cert next. Then I'll comeback for my CCNA:Security

My takeaway from the exam. It was pretty intense. There was a lot of material to remember. Time management is also key.
For those of you that are studying for it, make sure you understand EIGRP and OSPF, VLANS, and WAN Technologies. And to my surprise, RSTP. I could not believe how many RSTP questions there were. What makes it even harder, is that it is usually the first topic covered in all the study material so it becomes the hardest thing to remember, so make sure you know it or refresh yourself. Good Luck!

Study Material used
DansCourses - Youtube
Andrew Crouthamel - Youtube
Cisco Press Book
CBT Nuggets
Packet Tracer
Paper and Pen - for labbing and practicing the ios commands when I wasn't near my PC
2020 Goals: [x ] C|HFI [x] CySA+ [x ] MSCSIA
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    Congrats on the pass!

    I agree with you on RSTP. It caught me by surprise too. The official Cisco Press book doesn't cover it anywhere near enough.
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    Glad to hear I wasn't the only one. Honestly I don't even remember reading about in the Press book either. Even though I passed, I am definitely going back over my problem errors and make sure I have them mastered.
    2020 Goals: [x ] C|HFI [x] CySA+ [x ] MSCSIA
    Connect with me on Linkedin, just say you're from TechExams
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    Congratulations on passing the ICND2 exam and goodluck on your Linux certificaiton :)
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    Well done mate! I'm taking the ICND2 exam 3days from now. Thanks for the heads up! icon_cheers.gificon_cheers.gificon_cheers.gif
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