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    Honestly... No. I wouldn't be contacting you for an interview, and that's even if your resume made it to me in the first place...which it probably wouldn't have.

    Right off the bat the job states "A+ certification is a must". I see no A+ certification on your resume. It also lists a minimum of 2 years experience in a technical support environment. Your resume shows me a 5 month internship at the college you attended. (external internships are always better IMO than internal)

    Not to be all debbie downer on you, but that resume isn't making the interview cut.

    General resume feedback: Honestly I have more questions about your resume than anything. It's like you just created a new identity in Jan 2014. I have no idea about anything you did before that other than you went to school. No prior work history? Even customer service skills are important, if you worked retail or food service or whatever that is a plus for your first job. Put it on there. If you can sling McNuggets while in college you can probably make it a help desk role.

    Your statements tell me what you did, but not the results, accomplishments, and outcomes of your tasks.

    You state: "Maintained and updated department workstations and servers for students and professors to
    increase efficiency."

    By what metric? How did you increase efficiency? How much more efficient?
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    You need to get your A+ and any tech job that will hire you.

    Also nothing before January 2014 and nothing after May 2014 looks strange. What did you after you got your Associate degree? What have you been doing since May? Im going to assume from May 2012 till May 2014 you have been in school and only school. If you worked any job it needs to be on your resume. They want to know that you can show up to work and on time.
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    210mike, epcg: I just graduated in may 2014 and I've been looking for a job ever since. During college I did work at a food market, but it was to my understanding that if it isn't relevant to the job than i should not include it? Would you remove that bullet point? I believed that it would be acceptable because that is what i did? Also as far as the A+ is concerned, I plan on taking it within the next couple of weeks, but from previous posters while revising my resume they said that i should not focus on my a+ and study for other certs like MCSA?
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    I got my A+ back in 2010 and thats how i got my first IT job which lasted 2 years. It sure makes a difference to list it on your resumes. People will not hire you unless you have your A+ listed on your resume. Whoever told you not to get it then doesn't work in IT.
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    It doesn't hurt to apply so just do it. You might just land the job. You already have your feet a little wet with the internship and you have a bachelor's degree in IT. I don't think you'll have a hard time finding an entry-level IT job. I agree that you should include previous jobs even though they're not IT related since you don't have that much IT experience. I wouldn't bother with the A+ though unless you can get really cheap vouchers. I got my A+ back in 2011 but I had zero IT experience and didn't have a bachelor's degree. If I were you, I'd pursue a Cisco or Microsoft certification while applying for every IT job I can find.
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    How would you build your resume around this particular job? Im new to this and still haven't gotten any calls so any help would be greatly appreciated!! thanks.. everyone seems to have a different opinion on the a+.. for some reason people with a BA in Tech say its a waste of time while others say its very worth while... lol i'm just trying to learn and get a job! it just sucks starting out -__-
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    Remove your associates, add previous experiences, and fix capitalization issues. Also, don't limit yourself to just this job.

    My issue with the A+ cert is cost. It's expensive for something that loses most of its value once you get your feet wet. If you didn't have your degree and the internship experience, then I would strongly suggest getting it. But since you have some experience and a bachelor's degree, I think that Cisco and Microsoft certs are better investments.
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    previous experience that doesn't include IT (food,retail)
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    izzyiz426 wrote: »
    previous experience that doesn't include IT (food,retail)
    Dude you gotta sell yourslef. Let me ask you, did you use a computer when you worked in food or retail? Did you use a database? Did you maintain spreadsheets, documents, inventory in electronic format? Did you operate IT based equiptment etc....

    Also, what did you do above and beyond just doing your job
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    Yes, previous non-IT experience especially if it's something that was customer facing.
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    I would move education above experience and center "Education" like the others titles. take out one of the "Alfred state college and the city and state". Bullets are better then check marks. Your sentence under experience is a run on sentence. It should start out something like this Administered ad troubleshot Windows 2008 server and conducted backup with ARCsever backup software. Also fix your date format "Jan 24 - May 2014" "May 2014".

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    I was an RA in college.. would you put that under experience or leave it in achievements?
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    1. Get rid of professional summary, it's just fluff.

    2. Put Education first and only put your Bachelor's degree. Include your GPA if it was high, do not if it wasn't. Once you get certifications, put them at the top, followed by your education.

    3. Follow your education by posting your Experience (jobs) in chronological order starting with most recent. Yes, all the jobs you've had. XYZ company, date to date, maybe 1-2 bullets on what you did there.

    4. When a potential employer asks you what you've been doing since May 2014, especially if you're not currently in a tech role, be prepared to explain to them what you've been doing to keep your skill set relevant.
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