What do you consider is the best graduate degree for IT in the US?

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Hello, everybody.

Since I've been doing a personal research about graduate degrees in the IT field in the US, specifically about a IT Management, and I've seen that even some universities offer dual degrees in IT or IS and business, e.g.: MSIS/MBA dual degree, MISM/MBA and MSIT/MBA; I got a little bit confused about all the information I've discovered so far. So, I came up with the question hoping you can help me with opinions, points of view, information, experiences, etc.

If I were to choose from the very deep technical "subareas" of IT, I'd definitely choose: networking, information security, server administration, business intelligence and help desk. I'm looking for a MS program which could benefit me with as much as technical classes as a deep understanding of IT management, IT project management, IT strategy and to develop my leadership skills. IF the MS includes the possibility to prepare you for cert exams and obtain certs at the same time, that would be really great for me.

I've seen a lot of good comments about the MISM offered at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), it seems this program is the best in the US. But the cost of this single degree program is equivalent to the cost of a dual degree program such as MSIS/MBA in a lot of other universities. I believe that the quality of the program must equalize its price, but I'm also interested in obtaining a dual degree in which I can graduate as a MBA too, because in the country where I'm from my university didn't offer so many classes in the management or business area, and having a MBA could really make my resume stand out (and now consider the possibilities if you were to have 2 master degrees).

I'm looking for on-campus options because I cannot apply to some scholarships I want to if the programs are online.

So, guys, if you've studied a dual degree (MS plus MBA) or an single degree IT MS or MBA, or have opinions and experience in this topic, I would really appreciate all the valious information and help you can give me.



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    I think you need to clarify what you're looking for... You mentioned wanting technical knowledge in mgmt, strategy, and leadership, then followed that with giving priority for certs, of which I know of none in mgmt, strategy, or leadership. Project mgmt is a different story. Clarify what you really want to do post-degree and I think you'll answer your own question.
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    Ok, you're right, I might have mixed up a lot of stuff in the previous post.

    From the research I've done it seems that the programs that fit more accurately to what I want to study are those in information systems management (MSIM) or information technology (MSIT). I've seen some graduate degree programs in IS or IT that include many classes about databases, project management, networking, etc. (that's why I included project management). And some of the programs I've found have an option for a dual degree, most of them as a combined MBA/MSIS or MBA/MSIT or MBA/MS-MIS or MBA/MISM.

    What I want to know is if some of you have studied any of these programs, or even a dual degree, so that you may share with me your experiences, opinions and so on from these programs. I would like to know your opinions about what you believe (from what you've heard or studied) is the best program for IT or IS management.
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    rbrenessrbreness Member Posts: 17 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Hello?....any opinion, sugestion, experience on this?
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    There is no single best program for IT or IS management. As darkerosxx said, figuring out what you really want to do will help you figure out which program is best for you. If your goal now is to be technical then I suggest you focus on that. If your goal is managerial, well, then that's your answer. Can you study both? Sure, but to what end? Are you looking to be a very tech-savvy manager? Again, once you know what you're looking for it's easier to figure out what kind of program you want.

    Just my 2 cents.
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