Passed CISSP.. Endorsement time lines

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Hi Al,

Thanks to this forum, it helped a lot during preparing for the exam.
I passed it almost a month back... and submitted endorsement by an active cissp. It is almost 4 weeks, but i have not yet got cert confirmation. They sent receipt confirmation in a day, but waiting for 4 weeks since then for final email...
Any clue how much time it is taking now, experience of others who did it recently will help.. thanks.

My exam experience..
prepared for 2-3 months seriously, read shon harris full book once and prepared notes based on it. Then gone thru my notes, then - Conrad's 2nd edition and 11th hour books quickly finished them... and prepared lot of practice Qs free on net (cccure, aoi********...), and had a paid Transcender practice exams. updated notes based on new learnings.
Revised only my notes for last two days before exam.
Exam was fine, felt not that difficult. few questions are confusing otherwise it was fine. took two breaks in between. Marked 50 Qs for review and reviewed at end, changed around 5-6 answers out of these.. that's it.
Good thing is I passed :)


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