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I've seen a few people recommend recruiting agencies in passing, and was wondering if anyone here has used them successfully? I have heard they can be useful for people with little to no experience (myself) but am worried about applying to some as they tend to sound like scams.


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    If you shoot for the big name recruiters that can be quite beneficial. TekSystems is one, as is Robert Half and Pomeroy. Adecco is another. There are a bunch of them out there and honestly very few that I've run across on job boards are what I would consider "scams". Now, do I like to use them? Not really, but it's great to help you break into IT as many entry level positions anymore seem to be contract related. The downsides will be that sometimes they will say it's a contract to hire, yet that hire date never seems to come and your new manager won't likely know of that. They may claim it to be because they've had several people go full time with that company, but that could be 1,2 5 years down the road or more. And that first year with the contracting company, well good luck with any sort of benefits as well. I'm working with a contract company now, and was told that is was a contract to hire with a prominent company in my area, and chose that over the other offer I had (which was a contractor for a large manufacturer here and would have been a permanent employee with them and not a "contractor" per se. Come to find out a month after I started it was only a 3 month contract and I freaked out because they had lied to me about the position. The contract did get extended to the end of the year, and who knows what will happen come January 1. Needless to say, I'm working now at this contract but working hard to find a permanent solution and employer and hopefully will have some good news by the end of this week.
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