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Please help me know what rate is acceptable for a junior network admin as a contractor with the u s army. I currently work on the same contract as a help desk analyst at 15 an hour. I am not good at negotiations and need help.


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    I forgot to mention although I have my ccna I don't have any professional networking experience. I have been on the help desk for about 7 months. That is all my IT experience.
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    Where are you located?

    Remember that with negotiations, you want to shoot high because they will try to come in low, then meet in the middle. If you're already on the contract, is it with the same prime or sub?
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    I would like some additional information. First off, your location and your current responsibilities as a Help Desk Analyst. Second, what will your responsibilities be as Jr Network Admin?
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    Glassdoor is a great resource. Try checking there for a rough figure. For us to make guesses we would need your location, educational background, and how comfortable you are with the the CCNA material.
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    Maybe start by asking what others with CCNA and 7 months of help desk experience have made previously and go from there. While some interviewers may have to think about this, the army has seen thousands and probably has a figure already set.
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    Currently in Indiana. My roles on the help desk are troubleshooting users issues on two large networks. Vpns to Outlook to proprietary tools and programs. I am not sure on the roles of the Jr network admin job. The tech interview consisted of questions straight from ccna.
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    Oh, and a killed it in the interview. Very comfortable with the ccna material. As for education, currently enrolled in WGU.
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    Going to be nearly impossible to give you any useful information without actually knowing what the duties of the new job are. Probably not a good idea to take a new job without knowing what the role is either. Titles are all over the place in this field.
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    Well, it'll be better than the help desk.
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    Clearance needed or not needed? Jobs that need a security clearance run far above average salary here in San Antonio, and TS/SCI jobs are way way way above average. A list of job duties would be helpful.
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    Let me ask this. Is 20/hr too low? This job requires a secret clearance.
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    I have no idea about Indiana market, but in my area, 20/hr with Clearance seems really low. Just to give you a gauge a level 1 helpdesk position can run from 15-20/hr.
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    I think it depends on where in Indiana, but overall the state has a lower than average COL.

    Given the lack of information OP has provided, I would take a gander at $18-23/hr range as a junior network admin.

    This also largely depends on if the contracting firm provides full, partial, or no benefits as these can be worth anywhere from $1-10k on average.
  • tkerbertkerber Member Posts: 223
    Network and Computer Systems Administrators : Occupational Outlook Handbook: : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

    The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says the median pay for a Network Administrator is about $35 an hour. Now obviously take into the fact that you don't have much experience, your position is a Junior position, and it's for the government. Based on my experience I would guess it would be safe to shoot for the 50-55K range.. But that's just from the information I've gathered and personal experiences.
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    aim about 20% more than your making now. But realistically, you dont have any experience and not much in leverage, so if the position is solid and will allow you to grow your skillset tremendously, just take it as long as you getting a raise from your last position.
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    Well, I ended up getting a 50% increase. Still not what I think it should be, however, the experience I'll be able to get makes it all worth it.
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    Have you thought about applying for opportunities overseas? Iraq? Afghanistan? Not only would you get alot of experience but you'll get a higher salary/clearance.
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    There's no amount of money that would get me to go back to AF.
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    I had "fun" in trashcanistan

    but to the point, a solid jump from 32k to roughly 45k per year seemed pretty worth it to me.
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