Renegotiated Infosec Contract

jeremywatts2005jeremywatts2005 Member Posts: 347 ■■■■□□□□□□
So my contract company comes to me after 3 months and says the temp to perm option is being removed from my contract by the company who has hired to work for them as a contractor. Instead it will be a contract renewed on an anual basis. I said OK, but I am a contractor and I need some compensation for the contract terms changing. Well I went to the table and after some back and forth I ended up with a 2% pay raise, 21 days PTO ( I did not get any before) and of course medical, dental, vision and 401k.

Every year we will renegotiate my contract and every year I have an opportunity to make my case to my contract company as to why I am worth more. The company that is hiring me as a contractor cannot afford to take on more full time employees because of Obama Care health cost. I am fine with the arrangement and I am making way more and getting way more benefits as a contractor. Wanted to encourage all those contractors out there to not be afraid to negotiate if things change or roles change on the contract.


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