Plan of Attack by Bruno

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Here is the latest update from Bruno's blog for R/S v5.

He added some info on the Diagnostic.

"So, for example, if the lab-level cut-score is 80/100 and DIAG is worth 10 points, the DIAG’s min-score is going to be much lower than 8/10 (lab-level cut-score proportional to DIAG’s max-score), probably somewhere in the 30 to 60% range of the max-score. Note that these numbers are not released publicly because they vary per exam questionnaire."

Do you have plans to cherry pick on the CFG?

"Furthermore, the new scoring logic of CCIE R&S v5.0 allows compensating weakness in a module (e.g. TS) with strength in another (e.g. CFG). This means that even if you feel like TS didn’t go too well and you probably scored around the min-score but not the proportional cut-score, you still have a chance of passing the exam! Do not give up at that time! In R&S v4.0, if you failed TS, you failed the whole exam, but this is not the case anymore.

If you scored the min-score in TS and DIAG, you still have a good chance of passing the exam, provided that the main CFG scenario is completed."

This is interesting about scoring low in TS and DIAG and still having a chance to pass.


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    Good read thanks for sharing. I like the new v5 scoring system; it sucked for v4 candidates that if they got, say, a little under 80% for TS they but did really well in the CFG that they failed the whole exam. The new minimum score per module approach seems a lot more fair.
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    Extremely good to know,

    Thanks for sharing it :)
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    Read all five of his latest posts if you have any interest in CCIE. They've been great. Read them all Thursday
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