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Hi Friends,
I was starting with MCSA 2012 R2 and in the first chapter I read about "Windows Server Migration Tools" which is required to migrate the "Server roles, features,operating system settings and data from a previous version of Windows Server".
But why do we need to migrate the roles,features of a older version of Windows Server ,when we can re-install from scratch the new roles on the new or updated Server?
I mean,i understand "copying old data and settings is often required and it justifies migrating the old data to the new servers", but how can one justify copying server roles ,when it can be added from the server manager window of the newly installed Server OS?
Also,the server roles may incorporate new properties in the newer server editions(like 2012 R2) than in the older server editions(for example 2003 or 2008 etc). So is it not wise to just "add" the roles than migrating them to the newer servers?

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    When I was studying for the 70-410 exam, I performed a basic migration just to learn it how to do it. I haven't used it in a production environment ever. My understanding is the power of WSMT is more specifically for the "copy data and settings" portion.

    Say you have a 2008 R2 server running DHCP with bunch of scopes configured. You want to migrate this to a 2012R2 server without having to manually create ever single scope, scope option, reservation, server option, etc, because that's a pain in the butt. You could use WSMT to automatically install the role AND copy all the scopes, scope options, reservations, server options, etc. Not only would this be faster (depending on the complexity of the configuration) it also eliminates the possibility of typos or forgetting something.

    It's not the best option for every scenario, it might not even be for the one I gave. Think of it as another tool in the toolbox.
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