Can anyone recommend any Labs for N+?

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Hi All,

Just came across this site and this is my first post so Hi to all. The community here looks great and I shall now be a frequent visitor.

Anyway as stated wanted to know if anyone has any experience good or bad for N+ labs. I noticed GTS learning offer these and I am tempted to sign up.



  • joemysteriojoemysterio Member Posts: 152
    Welcome! The only labs I used were the ones from testout (through WGU) and those were ridiculously simple. In the end, I used testout's curriculum, some professor messer, and skimmed through examcram net+... and did pretty decent on the actual Net+ exam.

    I know every person is different, but you may not even need any sort of labs, especially if you have some sort of hands on experience.
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    I have just switched to the Exam Cram book and find it much better than the Comptia N+ Authorized Cert guide.

    i have also been watching the Messer videos aswell. All in all I seem to be taking it in quite well which has shocked me since I haven't studied for 15 years.
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    I agree with you MagicMark. I too switch to the exam cram book from the cert guide, and helped me with last minute studying for the N+ I passed today.
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    Hey Guys i'm planning on taking Network + next month, but have a few questions was hoping to get some help. The performance based questions have me REALLY worried! Not sure how to study for them, I have no previous networking experience and am currently trying a virtual machine and find it extremely overwhelming. Any suggestions, thoughts, ideas, would be greatly appreciated! I would love to get into the IT industry and hear this is a standard, and a great certification. I'm doing well on the practice exams from the certified material such as:
    CompTIA Network+ N10-005 Authorized Exam Cram 4th edition by Emmet Dulaney
    Network Deluxe Study Guide 2nd Edition by Todd Lamle

    I've also gone through CBT Nuggets for Network +.

    Please give me some guidance, I feel like I should give up as I don't understand the performance based questions, and don't know where I can get help!
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