Help with cisco packet tracer problem

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Start with subnet
Requirements for the lab

HQ site needs to support 200 ip addresses. configure HSRP between the two routers in HQ
NJ site needs to support 100 ip addresses
NY site needs to support 100 ip addresses
CL site needs to support 100 ip addresses

Configure the proper static routes on each of the routers as needed. Keep in mind the branch location have two links to the HQ. Your routing should support the failure of either link. And the network should continue to work with a single link failure at given branch.
The subnets for the links need to be decided by you.
At the completion of the lab configuration you should be able to have communication between all laptops and servers and between all laptops.

I have attached what i have done. I created IP addresses and assigned them to sites NJ, NY and CL. The only problem im having is that i cannot get assign HQ port f0/0 as it says that its overlapping fa1/1. I need the figure out the connection between HQ and all the other sites


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    I would have posted this in the cisco forum. I think this is the address ranges you are trying to use right now.

    HQ - /24
    NJ - /23
    NY - /23
    CL - /23 - Subnet Questions and Answers
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    he needs to use /25's for the sites needing 100 addys not /23's a /24 is good for the hq...not sure if you can or not but try and paste the packet trace file here and ill look at it
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