SITCS: Close but no cigar

Vask3nVask3n Member Posts: 517
As much as I'd like to post that I just completed CCNP Security by slaying my last test (SITCS), I'll need to retake this test sometime in the near future after today's attempt.

I spent way too much time taking notes and exploring the next-gen material on the blueprint, and I underestimated that this is actually an IPS exam after all, and not just one on next-gen IPS/context aware security.

I did 704/864 and coming out of this I actually remembered many of questions so I know what to hone in on for the next attempt.

I took this failure pretty well and don't feel discouraged, it's just hard to drop 250 on an attempt and walk away with a retake date in mind instead of a Congratulations on the screen.

For now it's back to notes!
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  • nrkynrky Member Posts: 16 ■□□□□□□□□□
    That's a shame to hear, mate!
    If you managed to pass the other three exams without the CiscoPress books, that's still a pretty fair effort!

    For posterity's sake (ie. to help the rest of us), are you able to elaborate on how far was "Too far" when you were researching each item in the blueprint? I've found that I've been doing the same thing for my preliminary studies, as I only just passed my CCNA: Sec and don't have any professional experience beyond lvl1 catch-and-despatch with CCNA-level troubleshooting. My research + lab time so far has seen about 4hours per 1% of each exam, which is approximately twice as long it took me for CCNA: Security and CCENT. At this rate, without any official course guide, using the blueprint is making sure that I understand beyond exam-level, but sweet jesus, it's time consuming! (Fun, though, but still easily distracted... seriously, DMVPN's shouldn't be this much fun!)
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    Heh, it's so easy to go too far when you find something to be interesting. Back in the day I would spend 6 months on exams. Some of it was because it was just damn cool but then that long time frame became a habit and my motivation died. When I did the CCNP Security I forced myself to take exams before I reached that same comfort level. I didn't just slay them like I had in past exams but a pass is a pass. And yeah, DMVPNs are awesome. And if you think that is slick wait until you lay IWAN on top of it.
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    Bringing this thread back up since I've just started to gather material on the exam. When you say it's definitely an IPS exam, would you say that the old IPS exam book is a good resource?
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