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Hello all. I've been an active member here longer than my post count indicate, but it has been much of the helpful information obtained from this site that allowed me to pass my Net+ exam this morning. I was only a bit disappointed that I did not score in the 800's, (scored 761), but a pass is a pass. Material used to prepare for this exam included Professor Messor training videos, Network + Authorized Cert Guide by Ken Wallace, and Network + Exam Cram. Prior experience as a Comcast Tech also helped with many of the questions I found very simple. Some advice, take notes when studying, Google, familiarize yourself with unfamiliar terminology and utilize labs when possible. Don't forget to know subnetting!


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    I keep reading about a lot of subnetting on the Net+ but exam cram has very little material on it. Which isn't an issue for me because the ccent studying spent a lot of time on it, but concerning for others. Did you prefer one of the study resources?

    I've read free online practice tests aren't good for Net+, they were excellent for A+ imo. Did you do any free online practice tests? If so, were they relevant to the actual test?
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    Messer videos covered subnetting pretty well and was very clear with explaining much of the material. The practice tests in the exam cram book proved to be very helpful because it does filter out some of the info which may not be on the exam and was relevant to actual questions. There are some reliable sites for online practice questions. When doing those, I would refer to other sources to explain why a particular answer was the correct one.
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    Hey Congrats onNetwork +, I had some questions about the exam and am finding it hard to find advice. How was the performance based questions and what do they deal with? I've been studying for the exam for almost 2 months now and don't know anything about the performance based questions, and how to study for them, as I have no previous networking experience.
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