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selenityhyperionselenityhyperion Member Posts: 36 ■■□□□□□□□□
Anybody have any information on where I can find study material on the CIW Javascript exam or Microsoft Windows 7 exam?

Completed: Starting February 1, 2015
Needed: C182, EUP1, EUC1, C173, C169, C172, CRV1, C175, C170, TYC1, TYP1, C191, C178, C176, C393, C394, EDV1, TWA1, 3 unkown course numbers
Transferred: BVC1, TBP1, TCP1, CJC1, IWC1, CLC1, IWT1, BNC1, C278, C164, C132 (33)
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