Passed CISSP yesterday (Nov.3) on my 2nd gameplan

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I just passed the exam and wanted to give back to this community and here's what worked for me (2nd try). Get as many practice questions in as you can and that's what most of others have recommended here as well. I think that's the key and I was lacking that the first time I took the test.
Here's how I studied:
  • Shon Harris AIO 6th edition (24x7 books)
  • CISSP Practice Exams 2nd edition (24x7 books)
  • 11th hour CISSP
  • CCCure test engine( i had the 6 month subscription
  • various Study guides from CCCure for last minute review
  • For the first month(August), I went through every chapter and read Shon Harris AIO 6th edition in 24/7 books. I decided to take notes this time around and focus on the main ideas/concepts in every chapter. I also went back to the 11th hour and read that either before/after reading Shon Harris AIO. I had a lot of highlights and notes in the 11th hour book before my first attempt so it was nice to review those notes. Some chapters I was able to knock out in couple of days and others i spent longer and usually those were the domains that I did poorly on my first attempt. ISC2 did rank the Domains after my first failed attempt and listed out which domains i was good in and which domains i did a poor job on. They listed them 1 to 10 from worst to best which helped because I focused on the my weak domains.
  • The month of October was all dedicated to practice questions and I did lots of them. My main goal was to do about 100 questions a day for the first two weeks and for 200 questions a day for the last two weeks of October.
While taking the various different practice tests, I dug deep as to why I got the question wrong and did more research in that topic. I was in scoring mid-70% on CCCure


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