Taking Security+ in 4 weeks

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Hi All :D

This morning I decided on working towards getting CompTIA Security+ certified and I plan on doing it in 4 weeks. My primary study material is based on the Security+ Study Gude & DVD Training System published by Syngress.

My plan is to read the book twice over by reading 1 chapter per day and taking the practice tests from their website for the last 7 days of my month's study to hone my exam technique. Once I reach 95% consistently I think I will be fine come exam time.

I'm also going to use the PrepLogic tests and possibly the ExamCram2 Q&A book just to ensure that I cover any gaps left from using the Syngress book alone.

I'll let you guys know how I do on the test as I plan on updating this thread then.


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    Why four weeks? I usually just study and practice until I feel that I'm ready, and set up an appointment as soon as there is room...or within a week at most. Everyone has their own methods, I suppose.

    Anyway, I passed the security exam on my first try and thought it was the easiest CompTIA exam. You definately want to learn the material, but make sure that you learn all the details as well. Learn step-by-step how different technologies work.
    You'll get questions ranging on everything from mantraps to asymmetric encryption, and lots of icky details on forensics and risk assessment. :/

    Get the terminology down good. You'll want to know the difference between a Sandbox and a logic bomb.

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    Setting a static timeline for taking the test might not be the best idea. The chapters in the book differ in length, complexity, and relevance on the exam. Examples being the chapter on wireless (~68 pages), and the chapter on cryptography (~22 pages). Also, unlike the A+/Network+, there's very little margin for error with this test so you're going to want to make sure you're very comfortable with ALL of the material before you step foot in the testing center.

    I personally spent about a month reading the syngress book, and then another month going over everything. I took the test exactly 2 months after I took my Network+ test and passed on my first shot. It's difficult, but entirely doable.

    That's my 2 cents on the topic. Judging from your certs it looks like you know the drill through, so best of luck to you.
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    I've been meaning to take the security+ for along time, but never set myself a certain time for study and planned a date for taking the test....but now ive set myself time to study and cover the material (have alot of previous experience with it) but it generally will help you keep on track with what your learning and not stray onto other things.
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    Personally setting a time limit on study will only pressure yourself into cramming and in my experience that's not such a hot idea. Instead give yourself enough time to absorb the material productively.

    Security+ is a good exam and I throughly enjoyed learning this one in particular.

    Learn key were quite good for video based learning and CBT nuggets. I did invest in buying the Microsoft book, but personally found it a bit confusing.

    Good luck for the exam and best of luck for the future. :D
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    Well it depends how do you plan?

    4 weeks or 4 days. it is all depends on you.

    I'm also planning to go for it only in one shot. I've been to Security+ book (Exam Cram 2). For me I didn't find very difficult but there are so many things which are trciky and one have to have good concept or clear concept about the technology.

    I'm going throught the multiple choice questions now and estimating my score. This score will lead that where I'm weak, then I'll have to strong in that area.

    For the last 2 weeks I've been studying the book (after my job) and I think by the end of next week or the week after next week I'm gonna play the shot.

    Let hope !
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