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I know ISACA uses a unique, specific formula for grading on a scale of 200-800, but does anyone have any idea how that fits onto a traditional grading scale of 0-100? For example, I am using the CISM test engine from ISACA but they are scored 0-100. An guesses on what the cutoff score translates to, 70? 80, higher, lower?

using 450 (cut score):

450/800 = x/100, x:56.25

but that seems awfully low for a passing score.


Mike C
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    I seem to remember being told that with the practice exams, if I'm regularly getting 70-85 there's a reasonable chance I'll pass..

    But that ideally, if you're getting 85% and higher, you should almost certainly pass..

    In fact, I also believe the software indicates a line on a graph of your scores (over time) against the 0-100 scale, at 85, which is essentially a target to aim for.

    I assume that it's a non linear calculation with a +200 whacked on the end....

    Something along the lines of (score*(score / 16.67)) + 200 rounded to the nearest whole number

    The exam is weighted by different topics, however, I think they achieve that purely through the distribution of the questions...

    I also think they modify the score(s) based on feedback and how other people do too..

    These are all just unofficial guesses and I have no real knowledege
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    Well that's good enough for me. Currently I am getting ~73% so I need to step it up a notch. (Although I am also doing the practice questions in 30-50 questions chunks, and some I miss are just rushing/trying to do other things at the same time.)
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    good luck!

    I personally find that the real exam is easier than the practice test.. In part, because some of the questions are just re-worded versions of the practice test questions and also because I find it easier to read 1) under exam conditions, and 2) paper vs computer screen.

    I'd recommend at least doing a couple of full 200-question tests before and also be aware that it will be slower in the exam because you've got to fill in the annoying circles properly... Also, an exam tip, they absolutely do not provide any stationary at the exam centre.... Bring your own HB or 2B pencils, sharpner, and eraser(s).
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    Thanks - I've been through the ordeal with CISA, and CISSP before that... I am also very tempted to take a flyer on the CISSP:ISSMP immediately after, since they appear to be closely related.
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