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I was extended an offer by a Mobile computer company coming to town new with a fair pay. However there is a clause attached, which is that I will 10% comission on setup fee sold through me, does this not sound like sales?

I am told that I when I don't have a call I will be required to go businesses and explain the services of the company.

Any thoughts or advice ?
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  • OkasonOkason Member Posts: 57 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I am sorry for my typhos., I meant that I will earn 10% on setup fees should a business sign up an agreement with them through me.I could do well in sales but then the thought of sales when I want to become more technical inclined is scary. does anyone ever had this kind of experience?
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    The commission plan is an incentive used by many technical service companies. In your case it's a setup fee, in other cases it's service contracts and/or parts. If you think about makes sense. Many people feel more comfortable dealing with field techs or technical engineers than they do with sales people. Plus you're already on-site, so it's not like the client/customer has to make an additional call to purchase the product or service you're making a commission on.

    I've also seen many smaller companies combine sales and technical positions. Where as the field tech promotes his company's services to new businesses when he/she has no calls. Personally, I've never really felt comfortable with this. I prefer my role to be more defined in the client/customer's eyes. However, I wouldn't see a problem with a field tech making visits to current clients/customers as a courtesy call.

    My advice? Give it a try. You may enjoy doing it, and it will develop your people and presentation skills. Which are two important skills if you ever decide to move up into management or even start your own business.
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    Thank you Porengo for your reply,you postings have always been resourceful, (trying to understand your website am really motivated by what you said and I am going to give it a try. I have an appointment with them this morning and hopefully we will get done with the paper works and I will understand how many percentage of my time will be Tech Support and how many will be Sales.
    All things work together for them that believe..
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