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In the next few weeks I am looking to take the 98-349 exam and the local PearsonVue has one date open this month. Now I see MS is allowing this one to be taken with an online proctor. Anyone tried that yet?


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    I thought it might be a good idea to ask for feedback about potential colleges. There are hundreds of online colleges, and they all look the same to me. I'm willing to be very, very flexible in the degree program as long as it's a BA/BS at the end. Online degrees at physical colleges seem to be happening more and more as well, but most of them don't advertise themselves as online schools so it's difficult to know what's available (and I hate those find-your-degree-online-here! websites, they don't give you anything but a google list essentially).

    What I need is a college that will:
    1) take previous college credits,
    2) not require proctored exams,
    3) also not have phone/web conferences b/c I work 12 hour shifts
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    I took that test this past Saturday and I did it from home using the online proctoring. Allow about 15 minuets before your start time for the check in. Make sure you have a good camera and lighting. I had to switch cameras. The first one was too low a resolution and they could not read my ID. Make sure you have your work space clear. Other than that is went very smoothly. it was much more relaxing to take it at home and I could take on a Saturday, so I did not have to take time off work. Also make sure you are not disturbed during the exam.

    I passed, easy exam.
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    roschinkelley. I would be surprised if any college didn't require proctored exams. WGU violates 2 & 3, but it really isn't too bad and is highly regarded here. Honestly, my reason of choice was that I don't need to spend a full semester learning A+. I finished my first quarter in a little over 30 days and will probably finish another semester a month. It works for me.

    ssnyderu2 Thanks for the update. I have asked the school if they would accept it. I am still waiting to hear as apparently I am the first person to ask. I made a 76% on the practice exam after misreading a few questions. Scanning through CBTNuggets should get me enough to pass. Fingers crossed.
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