Am I even eligible to take this test?

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Hi all.

I'm very interested in scheduling this test. Will I need over one year of experience to take this test, or can I just pay the $100 + $500 application fee and self study on my own ?

I've worked in IT for 2 years. Just not all of it dealt with security.
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    Well the sort of depends on how they define experience. I went down the self study root and had to do the application eligibility. They basically contacted my manager and he said i had more that 2 years experience ( 2 years apparently is the minimum ) so i got accepted. However keep in mind experience doesn't have to mean purely security role, for example i have been in a purely security role for 6 months and all my previous roles were Sysadmin ( however i did a bit of security as part of that role so i guess it counted).
    hope this helps
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