question for the people that have already passed the Network + certification

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Hey guys, I'm new here and would like to ask the people that have already passed their Network+ cert a question:

Did you guys/gals have any experience in Networking before taking the exam?

If not, what type of experience did you have prior to taking the cert?

Reason why I ask, is that I currently hold a Helpdesk position. Been here for about 3 years but it's time to get to the next level in my career. I have some experience with networking concepts but not that much. my job is considered as a combination of tier 1 and some tier 2 as well.

any answer would be greatly appreciated.



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    I had no work experience but I had taken the first 2 Cisco netacad courses with hands on labs which helped immensely with the sims. Other than that I had read Mike Meyers N+ All In One Study Guide which covered a large part of the Q&A portion of the exam.
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    I didn't have much networking experience outside of setting up and troubleshooting my home router. The work experience I had was really all end-user related (cmd, NICs, etc).

    The material was really easy for me to understand and I got a decent score passing the first try. Only thing I struggled on then was subnetting but since going through the Cisco certs, that isn't an issue anymore.

    I used professor Messer's videos and the CompTIA book. Both followed along with the objectives and prepare you for this cert.
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    For me it is all end user. I am currently a junior engineer handling end user requests and some are based on connectivity issues such as to the file sever both onsite and data centers, outlook connectivity issues and general senior management leaving and while returning and cannot gain access.

    I do however help friends and families with basic network setups...some vpn for high end linksys and asus routers.

    The experience from both areas gave me some confidence boost.
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    Great info! Thank you all for your stories. I myself have been watching a lot of prof. Messer vidoes along with reading the Net+ all in One book I have at home. also I have been following the exam objective as well.
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    I have very little real world Networking experience but I found the exam easy enough. It doesn't really dive to deep its really broad in my opinion so as long as you understand the concepts you should do just fine. I did find Sec + easier though.
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