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So I ran across TechNet and MSDN. I can visibly see that TechNet was retired no problem. I cannot find any answer or current information about MSDN (even though it has Windows 10 and new OSs). Is anybody familiar with how MSDN works? Can you basically download an iso and run full functionality for a test lab?


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    MSDN is now a tie-on to Visual Studio. Here is a link to purchase MSDN - Microsoft Visual Studio Software- Microsoft Store"Get even more with Visual Studio Premium 2013 with MSDN, a powerful tool for teams collaborating on the development of apps for PCs, mobile, and the cloud. It doesn't matter whether your team members are working on different technologies or languages – Visual Studio is a cohesive solution for defining, creating, and operating your applications across platform stacks. And now, with tools like Agile Portfolio Management, you can monitor the health of your project and streamline collaboration. Furthermore, MSDN includes a monthly credit for Windows Azure, access to SQL Server, Windows, Windows Server, Windows Store, an Office 365 Developer Subscription, and more."My last job sponsored a MSDN membership for me and I was able to download ISOs and create labs and all that good stuff with them. If you have an email address from a .edu you might want to look into dreamspark. Dreamspark has a reduced catalog but it's free, check out the link -
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    Dreamspark sounds very interesting. I will try that when I get home because that might be the ticket.
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