Needing to sell unused CompTIA A+ Voucher

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I purchased a CompTIA A+ Voucher and am now realizing that it's not exactly what I'm wanting to pursue. I now come to find out that CompTIA offers NO REFUNDS. I guess I should have been a little less hasty in purchasing it. Now I'm stuck with an exam voucher that I wasted $169.20 on.

I was hoping someone on here might be interested in purchasing the voucher code form me for $125. I have never logged the code yet, so from what I know, it still should be good to go for anyone who wants to use it.


  • Justin-Justin- Posts: 300Member
    When does it expire? And is it for both 801&802? Or one of em?
  • newguy1234newguy1234 Posts: 2Registered Users ■□□□□□□□□□
    September 2015, and it's just for 1.
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