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Hello from an IT Wanna Be....I'm just about to start out w/ trying to get A+ certified...It's been suggested that the All in One A+ book is good for beginners....

Now, for my question..I have access thru my company to Test Out Software for A+....So..Is it going to be too much info to try and use both..the book and CBIT training? there seems to be a wealth of info out there and I am trying to keep from getting tied down in mess of confusing or conflicting info and learning objectives...

Any feedback would be appreciated
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  • lazyartlazyart Member Posts: 483
    It's a good idea to use two different sources. Different perspective, and if you see something in one that doesnt agree in the other, you can look up and find out which is correct.

    Both will cover the same objectives. You can read a chapter from the book, then use the CBT chapter that covers the same info to reinforce.
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    Great..thanks for the insight...I'm currently in a non it field, but I'm trying to get my company to shadow one our IT help desk guys just to get a feel for what goes on...so hopefully that will help some too...
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    Different books, people, methods teach different ways. If you try a few you will find that some things are easier to learn using each method - use everything you can. There are plenty of unemployed techs out there though, IT isn't the boom industry it was a few years back.
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    curio:...thanks for the input..yeah, i realize the market is unstable right now..but if I can get my foot in the door at my current job, it would be good for experience at least....
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    To also get your foot in the door, try asking to work some free hours and to let you put your two cents of information on how to make work productive.
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  • itwannabeitwannabe Member Posts: 35 ■■□□□□□□□□
    To also get your foot in the door, try asking to work some free hours and to let you put your two cents of information on how to make work productive.

    Cross...exactly what I've done...I work what is termed a flex schedule and have volunteered my free time once I hit 40 hrs of my regular job.
    It's 'under advisement' by the VP of the IT dept at this point....
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    U have Q? We might have ANSWER for you...

    Just ask :)
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    I bought the testout software (its quite expensive) but its a good software--especially if you would like a "live person" talking you through in video. I also think that ya cant have too many study guides. Im using testout as well as elementk, and the A+ certification Bible. They are all great sources!!
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    As for the TestOut software I highly reccomend it, not sure on the price since I got it free from work but I used just it and this amazing website(cannot give enough props to webmaster and all of the crowd on the boards for the great info) for my A+, N+, CCNA, MCP and am currently using it for my MCSE with emphasis on security. SO basically....it's good ****.
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