70-413 or 70-714 experiences?

It seems the majority of posts here have been focused on the MCSA. Looking for feedback from anyone who has gone on to 70-413/70-414 to complete the MCSE.

I am going to try to move on to these but am concerned with the cloud topics and System Center content, which we don't use much of where I work and are hard to get hands on practice with. I've watched the exam objectives change over the last few months too and have been discouraged with them seeming to be a moving target.

Since there is a lack of good book material I am look an these resources for the 70-413.
413: Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure - Server Certification Exam Prep Resources - Server Certification Study Group - Born to Learn

If you completed the MCSE, what did you use to prepare and do you have any recommendations on how to best prepare for these?


  • lsud00dlsud00d Member Posts: 1,571
    You will have to lab, just like all Microsoft exams. If you don't have an opportunity to work with it in a professional setting, download the .vhd's and work with them in a home lab.

    This link leads to a lot of helpful information:

    Try System Center 2012 R2 | Microsoft

    including the Virtual Academy, Virtual Labs, downloads, blogs, and plenty of other information. These tests require a holistic approach and are very System Center heavy. After all, certification exams are about pushing a vendors products and technologies.
  • ClaymooreClaymoore Member Posts: 1,637
    I failed the 413 and passed the 414 last year. I actually failed the 413 twice and put off retaking it due to lack of quality (or even legal) training material. I took the 414 on a whim at the end of the year before my voucher expired without really studying and squeaked out a pass. MS kept changing the date when R2 content would be included and when the exam reference and training guide would be released so I just kind of forgot about it. I might take it early next year, but I am focused on other things right now.
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    I also have been working on 413 for awhile, since obtaining the MCSA for 2012 back in May. I know that I am not ready for 413 yet. I am waiting for the next round of second shot exam vouchers before really trying to focus on it.
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  • it2bit2b Member Posts: 117
    The TechEd Exam Prep: 70-413 and 70-414 - MCSE: Server Infrastructure gives a good idea of the massive amount of material that will be on these exams.
    Exam Prep: 70-413 and 70-414 - MCSE: Server Infrastructure | TechEd North America 2014 | Channel 9

    I am going to use the Born to Learn Wiki, the virtual academy and the Try System Center link above. I went through the CBT Nuggets for 70-413, but they are dated already and missing some of the Azure and system center stuff.
  • alokin123alokin123 Member Posts: 268
    i failed 413 twice, a week before the R2 changes came in, and then i re-took the exam a week later and it had R2 questions on a gamble that it wouldnt be updated so soon. From memory it asked a fair bit of obscure command line questions and stuff to to with Azure. The CBT Nuggets was pretty dull, well the instructor was anyway. He made quite a few mistakes as well. I still dont know that Transcender has upgraded their exam prep to cover R2. Not sure about Measureup either.

    I haven't had much motivation to go back mainly because it requires passing the 414 exam which to me looks like a filler exam that MS didnt know what to do with. Half of the objectives look legitimate, the rest look like filler.
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