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Can someone please explain why the cissp makes a distiction betwee a manmade threat vs a politically motivated threat? Bombings are considered manmade threats but terrorist attacks are considered politically motivated threats. Why is there a distiction as far the "manmade" term is considered they are both carried out by men. Came across a question about this.


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    Please state the source.
    It just may be a tricky or poorly worded question or resource.
    All of those would be considered to be Human Threats.

    Threats are grouped into: Human, Natural, Technical, Physical, Environmental, and Operational.

    I hope this helps.
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    That's what i thought too but my answer was incorrect. The question was in regards to BCP, stating that you are tasks to come up with a plan against terrorist attacks and then asking what type of attack are you guarding against. The best possible answer for me was man-made attack, but the Transcender engine had politically motivated attack as the best correct answer. Their source was the Shon Harris AIO book and when i went to the book, the book did have those 2 attacks as 2 different attacks and was not considering them the same.
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    This has to be in the 6th Edition because there is nothing in the 5th. It also means that someone needs to get some updated material.
    On a serious note I would challenge the questions. If you could post them in this thread, I will dig a bit.

    I think the man made disaster would be due to fault or incompetence of the human(s) whereas a hostile cyber or physical attack is deliberate. NIST SP 800-30 R1 may spell it out.
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