70-410 Advanced Security Auditing Policy Settings

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I've been getting auditing related questions on the MeasureUp practice exams relating to which audit policies are relevant to certain actions such as a user adjusting the time or another setting. I've totally missed seeing this in the objectives (I know they're subject to change) and am wondering if this sort of stuff is actually on the test. This is a pretty broad topic and I would like to focus on other objectives right now if this isn't pertinent to the test. Has anybody ran into this as far as objectives go for the 70-410? Thanks!

Advanced Security Audit Policy Settings


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    No one would tell you if a question is on the exam. It's violation of NDA.

    Having said that, I'm seeing auditing listed on 70-410 exam page - "configure Audit Policy" but does not specify which auditing policies.

    Furthermore, MS may ask questions that are not in bullet-point list on their 70-410 exam topics page. These are either questions which they trial for future exams OR questions which be counted towards your score. On their exam page, they say somewhere that they can ask questions that are outside the list of topics specified on the page. There is also a possibility that you may get a question that out of scope and is easy OR a question that is within scope and is hard. You won't fail because of a single question. You need 700 for a pass and questions may not be in equal proportion from every topic. My suggestion, don't focus too much on a single section or topic and try to gain knowledge in every area as much as you can and you should be good for the exam(as every topic has equal weight). Trying to focus deeply in every area and attempting to learn minutiae for every topic would be waste of time.
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    I understand that, and if you re-read my question, I asked "Has anybody ran into this as far as objectives go for the 70-410", not is this a question on the exam. If its a publicly listed objective, it is assumed that its likely be on the exam. Thanks for the reply though, was helpful.
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    Sorry, no disrespect intended. I misinterpreted it.
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