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It's been a bit of a while since I've posted here at TechExams, and I'm actually unsure if a topic such as this is acceptable. If it isn't, I apologize in advance and the moderator(s) may do as they see fit with it. I'm wondering if anyone on here happens to have a voucher they would like to sell? Be it for the N10-005 or the JK0-019. I recently saw the latter on eBay for the face value of $133, but I didn't purchase it because I'm unsure about one thing.

I understand the JK0-019, as well as its sliced price, is exclusive to those currently in an institution or other such school that provides them for purchase. It was unclear to me if anyone could redeem these vouchers. Unfortunately, I missed out on that auction (which may have been a good thing), which brings me here looking to maybe save some money considering I'm on a strict budget. If I can take that particular test at all.

Either way, it would be much appreciated if someone could help me out. Again, if this sort of topic is off-limits, I'm sorry!


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    Sounds rather sketchy and too good to be true. Lots of scammers out there. Is it worth risking and possibly losing $133 to save $100?

    Personally I have used GetCertified4less.com and bought the early expire voucher right before I was ready to the take the test.
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    The fellow on eBay explained that he purchased the voucher earlier this year in Spring and never used it. Apparently he purchased two, one as a back-up in case he failed. He gave the expiration date and said he was just seeking to make his money back for it ($133). Seemed pretty honest and straight forward. I'm all about saving as much as I can on vouchers. If he didn't deliver, then I'd have gone straight to eBay and PayPal and had the problem solved. No goods? Grounds for a refund. ;)
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    Just got an e-mail back from PearsonVUE confirming that I actually can use vouchers for the JK0-019 exam. That's good to know considering I searched around and found another thread on TechExams saying it wasn't possible. Now I wish I would've gone ahead and bought that guy's extra voucher lol...

    Having that been said, I'd be willing to buy a voucher for the JK0-019, at cost, if anyone has the ability to buy them. Just lemme know!
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    At the risk of appearing desperate, in case it was any wonder, I'm bumping this thread once more.

    Apparently it's a slim chance, but if anyone here has one they do not need, or the ability to purchase the JK0-019, please reply here or shoot me a message. I'd greatly appreciate it! Needing/wanting to get my Network+ very soon. =)
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