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Hey peoples

Busy studying for CCNP. Thinking of writing the BSCI test 1st, couple of friends told me that BSCI is the hardest to pass out of BSCI, BCMSN and BCRAN...which module do you think would be the best 1st option to study for? And which one will give u a better understanding for the other modules? Help a man out if possible... :)

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    Well, the most common suggestion for CCNP sequence I've seen is
    ... and I agree it might be the most logical sequence.
    ... but I did BCRAN BSCI BCMSN and then CIT.

    I not sure why BCMSN is considered easier, maybe because it has a lower passing score than BSCI.

    It makes sense to do CIT last since anything troubleshooting related from studying for the first 3 exams seems to be fair game for the CIT exam. So you might as well take good notes for CIT while studying for the first 3 exams.

    The choice really comes down to Routing, Switching, or WANs -- do you want to do your favorite topic first, or do you want to get your hardest (least favorite) out of the way first.

    Something else you could do if you've gotten your CCNA recently -- try and figure out which CCNP exam has added the least amount of new material that you'd need to learn. All the exams kick up the main stuff a couple of notches from the CCNA test. I think BSCI added multi-area OSPF, IS-IS, BGP, and IPv6 information. BCMSN added multicast, router redundancy, Etherchannel. BCRAN tossed in some fluffy DSL stuff, some baby ATM, can't remember anything else really new. QoS was also a new topic, and was covered in at least 2 of the Exams -- but it was very major in only one (and I can't remember which)
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    Hey thanks a lot for the information mike. Will definately help me in the future. Will ref flag this mail in outlook for future reference.

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