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Ive been looking into citrix after ive done my MCSA as my company are looking to install Citrix servers and dumb terminals all over our county, anyone know if this is a good route to take or stay with going for MCSE and looking for other jobs and looking after the dumb terminals sounds easy and looking after the servers dont sound all that challenging...

Thoughts please :D


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    citrix servers can be very interesting. Application installs, printer drivers, security, access scenerios can be very challenging at times.

    The CCA is only one exam and an elearning module. Most people think the test is easier then the normal MS exam.

    Even if you don't focus on Citrix a lot of big companies use Presentation server and having the experience and cert can help out.

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    Cool, ill take a look into that. just getting hands on experiance is abit hard at the mo icon_sad.gif
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    Citrix not challening? I find that funny because no one who has ever administered Citrix would say that icon_lol.gif

    Anyway, dumb terminals are sure not that interesting but you must undertsand and be able to troubleshoot the client software which can be involved, depending on how much of Citrix is implemented.

    I actually enjoyed working with Citrix and Terminal Servers and it is certainly a nice little niche to have.

    Exams are easier than MS simply because the question are more direct but you still need the knowledge.

    Citrix was touted as the next best thing a few years ago but never took off to its potential. I think its in part due to the fact not many IT people know what it can actually do. I have seen many situations where it could be of huge benefit but they just don't know what it is.
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